1B-LSD Blotters 125mcg


Buy 1B-LSD Blotters 125mcg online. 1B-LSD is an analogue of LSD. It is a hallucinogenic, psychedelic drug that belongs to the family of lysergamide.

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Buy 1B-LSD Blotters 125mcg online

1B-LSD is the latest LSD analog. 1B-LSD is very similar to 1P-LSD and has similar properties.

1B-LSD Blotters For Sale

1B-LSD – is a new derivative of the former 1P-LSD, so considered to be very similar to 1P-LSD. The increased mass of the butenyl group should, theoretically, slightly reduce the potency.

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Warning: This is a research compound intended for non clinical research. Not for human consumption or resale. Store in a cool dry place.

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