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Buy 5-PPDI Powder Online. 5-PPDI is a novel research chemical analogue to Methylone with stimulant and entactogen effects.

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Buy 5-PPDI Powder online

5-PPDI with the chemical formula is C16H23NO, is a research chemical analogue to Methylone. 5-PPDI is a synthetic stimulant that is also a new research chemical with similar effect to Methylone. Our 5-PPDI with strong effect and high purity above 99.7%, it is getting more and more popular stimulant. 5-PPDI is at this time classified as a research compound. This means they are not intended for human or animal consumption and should be used in research purpose or forensic research studies only.

IUPAC: 1-(5-fluoropentyl)-N-(naphthalen-1-yl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
CAS: 632134-23-2
Molecular Formula: C16H23NO
Molecular Weight: 257.370

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Since 5-PPDi is a very new material, not much research on the compound has been published. However, because it is so closely analogous to M1, we can assume very similar values to methylone in most respects. M1, and therefore 5-PPD1, are both stimulants and entactogens commonly classed as cathinone, amphetamines and phenethylamines.

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